Cannabis Facility Construction Transforms Distressed Tinley Park Restaurant Property into Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis Facility Construction (CFC), a national, full-service, cannabis design-build construction firm, is proud to announce the completion of the Ascend Tinley Park dispensary for Ascend Wellness Holdings, Inc. (AWH). This adult-use cannabis retail project is one of 14 dispensaries CFC has constructed for AWH including locations in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood and an upcoming dispensary in Cincinnati, OH.

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Multifamily Trends

Over the last several years, multifamily housing has experienced significant growth and evolution, driven by shifting demographics, changing lifestyles, and the need for sustainable urban development. As we are actively renovating this type of real estate asset, it has become critically important to identify and understand the emerging trends that are reshaping multifamily housing. In this blog post, we will explore some of the hottest trends that are influencing the design, amenities, and overall living experiences in multifamily properties.

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Close the Loop

The best leaders are those who follow through. At Mosaic, we live by an unwavering commitment to finish what we start, and always close the loop on action items. Our Team is intentionally comprised of people with multiple talents and backgrounds. One thing we all have in common is our focus on client satisfaction when clicking that “complete” box or crossing off an item on our to-do list. And, we bring that drive to our clients. We follow up. We don’t miss details. We go the extra mile to ensure no open items exist, and no tasks are left undone.

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Communicate the Story

Telling a great design-build brand story comes easy—when you have a rich history, strong culture, and extensive client recommendations.

We know that compelling narratives are important to align project leaders and ensure we always bring the collective best work from our Team. Across all project types, our Team of highly skilled, design-build professionals know why they’re here and how they fit in. And they’re proud to do both, thanks in part to our compelling brand story.

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