Our Actions


  • The Mosaic Actions were developed in collaboration with all team members to describe how each of us can create an elevated experience for customers and for each other.
  • The Mosaic Actions differentiate the way Mosaic does business.
  • The Mosaic Actions are how each team member lives the Mosaic brand, It All Comes Together.


What do Our Actions mean to us?


What do the Mosaic Actions mean to some of the Mosaic team members?

“The Mosaic Actions are the words that guide how we conduct ourselves and our business.  It is not only a motto, but also a guarantee to our clients of the standards and expectations we hold ourselves to.”

“The Mosaic Actions are what our company strives to accomplish within our company and with our clients.”

“The Mosaic Actions represent how we act and think about all facets of our company. The Actions are a framework for us to maintain our excellent reputation with our team, clients and trade partners. We use the Mosaic Actions to create an elevated experience for our clients.”

“They are a script of statements that not only define who we are but are a reminder of the ideals we expect to live and breathe.”

“It’s the language we should use in all of our communications.”

“It’s our team’s constitution and we all should follow it.”

“They are our building blocks to ensure a healthy work environment so our team excels at providing a high level of client satisfaction”

Mosaic Construction LLC Company Retreat

“Inspire your team, motivate your customers, create your impact”


Recently, the Mosaic team met together for a weekend of learning, sharing, engaging, singing, bonding, eating, and bowling.  Led by the wonderful team at Yastrow Company, the Mosaic team were present, focused, and disconnected where participation and contribution was key to a successful weekend, and always making sure to say “Yes, and…”

Who are we?

The team began their conversations on their brand and their process and how it “All Comes Together”.  What is possible for the Mosaic team when everyone is unified and committed? Where are we today?  How can we build upon out communication with each other?  How do we encourage more positive interactions and improve upon challenging interactions?



Making the Mosaic Actions a Strength of Our Culture:  The team talked extensively about the Mosaic Actions, the core values and how we can create an elevated experience for our clients and for each other.  Contribute to a Positive Environment.  Build Relationships. Anticipate Needs.  Close the Loop. Communicate Our Story through Conversations that Matter. Do It The Right Way.



The Building Blocks of “We” Relationships: We are a relationship based not a transaction based organization.  The goal of every interaction is to create a relationship-building encounter, not a transaction, and this is the building block of our customer experience.




Mosaic’s Lasting Impact: Where do we want to be in 2 years?  5 years? 12 years?  How do we create lasting impacts by Mosaic today and in the future by developing a dedicated commitment of the customers and the employees?  Where is untapped potential?  Where can Mosaic go next?  How do we develop exceptional brand harmony and an experience that drives client beliefs?

We must work together using our Mosaic Action Steps to enhance the entire Mosaic Construction experience from start to finish. For our clients, our team members, our trade trade partners and our community.

Mosaic Gives Back in 2017

Mosaic Construction is proud to provide support to our local community through volunteer leadership and financial contributions.  Below is a list of the organizations we have supported in 2017 thus far:

  •  Keshet
  •  American Friends of Israel Sports Center for the Disabled
  •  The Ember Foundation
  •  Jewish United Fund
  •  Union For Reform Judaism
  •  Heller High
  •  Helping Hands Golf Tournament Sponsors
  •  Jewish Children and Family Services
  •  Response Center
  •  Deerfield Family Theatre
  •  Lauri Bauer Foundation Golf Tournament
  •  Illinois Holocaust Museum
  •  The Turn Center
  •  Center for Enriched Living
  •  Olin Sang Ruby Union Insitute
  •  Jet
  •  Moriah Congregation
  •  Temple Beth El Golf Sponsors
  •  North American Federation of Temple Youth